Attracting Customers on Your Window Covering Facebook Page Like a Marketing Pro

It’s so disappointing to see a lot of window covering businesses fail to make the most out of their Facebook page. They’re missing a lot of sales.

Oftentimes, I would see pages that only have a single post, or pages that have been long forgotten like this one:



It’s already 2016 yet the last post made was on 2015. If you just keep on posting, imagine how many customers you can possibly attract on your window covering Facebook page. Based on a report, there are 77 percent of businesses that acquired customers through Facebook.

Well, I understand that there could be reasons. Nevertheless, if you want to up your game in the window covering industry, you have to be consistent in your social media marketing efforts.

You don’t have to be the best Facebook marketer in the world to attract customers on your Facebook page. If you do the following tips, you have higher chances of attracting new leads.

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Get found.

Attracting customers on your window covering Facebook page starts with getting found. People don’t only rely on Google Search or online directories to search for businesses they want to buy from. They even use Facebook Search!



So to make this opportunity to your advantage, you only have to tweak a few things on your page such as the following.

What to do:

To increase your chances of showing up on Facebook Search results, customise your Facebook Web Address which is your page’s URL.



Usually, a newly created page will be assigned with a random Facebook Web Address composed of letters and numbers. But you can change this in your About section, only after you have gained 30 likes.

Another way to get found by your customers on Facebook is to complete your page’s About section. Make a keyword-rich overview and page info through incorporating your target keywords.

Say for example, you are selling window blinds and awnings. Obviously, “window blinds” and “awnings” are your main target keywords, so don’t forget to incorporate these keywords when you are writing your About section.

While others do not forget to complete their About section, they fail to tell more about their business.


Whenever I’m writing business descriptions, I make it sure that it won’t be any shorter than 150 words. Why say less if you could tell more? That way, you’re not only letting yourself incorporate more keywords, but you’re also giving your customers a chance to know more about you.

Have a face.

Customers won’t be attracted to check out your window covering Facebook page, much less buying from you, if your page doesn’t have any profile photo and cover photo at all.



Having a no-face page makes your business look like a fraud, or it reflects that you don’t care to your customers at all.

What to do:

For your profile photo, you can upload your company logo. Or if you don’t have one, choose a profile photo that speaks out what your business does such as a photo of your window covering products.


As for your cover photo, you can opt to create an image banner that shouts out your current promos, but if you don’t have any, you can again use your window covering products as a nice cover photo.


Share great posts.

Now that you are done enhancing the keywords and profile/cover photos on your window covering Facebook page, it’s time to proceed to the next step; and that is sharing great posts.

I often receive questions from my students in my community on what kind of posts they should share on their page, so here’s what I have come up with.

What to do:

The very reason that you have put up your window covering Facebook page is to boost your sales, right? If that is so, then you should not forget to share links of your window covering website.


This will help lead your target customers to your web page wherein they can read more about the specifics of your product. Plus, if you share your web links on your Facebook page, you can drive more traffic to your website.

Aside from this, you can share photos on your page. It can be photos of your window covering product, installation projects, inspirational images, or even funny memes!


According to Post Planner, photos are the cornerstone of Facebook not only because people love them, but they are also easy to consume and absorb.

So other nice things to share on your page are promo announcements, videos and contests. You see, to attract customers, you also have to keep them engaged and make them feel interested.

Show credibility.

One of the most usual things that businesses forget is to show their credibility. Not because you have a complete Facebook page profile and share awesome posts, it doesn’t mean that you have already gained the trust of your customers. Hence, you need to show some proof that you are a credible window covering business.

What to do:

Encourage your previous customers to post reviews on your Facebook page. People’s purchasing decisions are often influenced with what they read online, so make use of your page’s Review feature.


Getting positive reviews online helps boost your reputation, and you can use these to make your doubting customer finally say yes to buy your products or avail of your services.

Aside from online reviews, you can also prove your credibility by showcasing your company culture.


You can share photos or videos of your staff and business events, because there’s nothing more reassuring than to see real people who are working behind the ropes of your business.

Even the window covering owners and managers who joined my community find this strategy effective. One of them even shared with me how they land a new customer by sharing a video of their staff working on a window covering installation project.

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