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    20 Places to List Your Window Covering Business for More Sales

    April 18, 2016

20 Places to List Your Window Covering Business for More Sales

best online directories for window covering websites

Do you ever wonder how your customers are able to find your window covering business?

Having an innate curious personality, I always ask my clients on how they find mine. They would often tell me that it’s through a referral, or they just found me through Google, or in Yellowpages online.

What? Yellowpages? So there are still people who rely in online directories?

If I’m an average guy, I will not think of using online directories to find a business in my local area because there’s Google Search anyway. Anything I want to search, Google is always there.

Nevertheless, if we would take account of my experience, my business, having been found in an online directory, just proves to be that people do not always rely on Google Search.

Hence, this gave me an idea that we shouldn’t really disregard online directory submissions in our marketing strategies. I even shared this strategy among the students in my community and talked more ways on how to dominate the local market.

So if you want to make the most out of your marketing efforts and land more sales, you should have your window covering business listed to the following citation websites or online directories:

1. Google My Business

google my business

Having your business listed here will allow your business to be more visible not only on Google Search, but also on Google Maps and Google Plus. These are three platforms for you.

I could say that Google My Business is the ultimate online directory because whether it’s Google Search, Google Maps, or Google Plus, you can conveniently manage your business information in a single platform.

What’s more, being listed on Google My Business can also give you 7.6 billion audiences for your window covering business every month.

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Create your listing here.

2. Bing Places for Business

bing places for business

Bing Places for Business is similar to Google My Business. Though most percentage of search engine users comes from Google, you shouldn’t ignore Bing.

Even if Google is still the king of the search engine market, Bing’s market share is on the rise. One out of five people uses Bing Search, so use this opportunity to have your window covering business listed on Bing.

If you’ll be asking about Yahoo, they previously had an online directory, but they have rebranded to Aabaco Small Business, some sort of website hosting and domain company.

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Create your listing here.

3. Facebook Business Page

facebook business page

Facebook is not really an online directory, but it allows you to have a citation of your business details through building a Facebook Business Page.

Compared to normal online directories, a Facebook Business Page is a great tool for promoting your brand, and it allows you and your customers to get connected and interact freely with over 1.59 billion active users per month.

Creating page: Free

Create your page here.

4. LinkedIn Company Pages

linkedin company pages

This is another social media page, but you have to get your window covering business on LinkedIn. If you don’t know, LinkedIn is the largest professional network with more than 414 million users.

Unlike any other social media networks, LinkedIn’s core focus is to connect all professionals in the world. Being on LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to fish out a large company that might be in need of your window covering products.

So if you would like your window covering business to get noticed here, read my blog post about the strategies that you can use to grow your business on LinkedIn.

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Create your page here.

5. Yelp


Yelp is a popular online directory that has been around since 2004 and their purpose is “To connect people with great local businesses.”

Once you have your window covering business listed on Yelp, you can have the chance to be viewed by an average of 86 million unique visitors per month.

With Yelp, you can also build a better reputation for your business since your customers can rate and leave a review for you.

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Create your listing here.

6. Yellowpages


I remember the time when my previous blinds business heavily relied on Yellowpages’ traditional ads wherein I spent around $80,000.

But look at this now. Yellowpages has gone online too. What’s more, you can add your business listing for free.

However, several people are asking me if Yellowpages (whether online or print) still has value since Yellowpages is already a pretty old company.

My answer for that is yes, especially for its online version. Based on a report, Yellowpages is experiencing digital growth traffic since 2008, so despite being an old and traditional telephone directory company, Yellowpages is adapting well to the tech times.

Claiming listing: Free

Create your listing here.

7. WhitePages


WhitePages is a large local business directory in North America. It’s free to create a listing but grabbing a pro or a premium can give your window covering business an exposure to over 55 million visitors a month.

Your listing won’t only appear on WhitePages, but it will also appear on 411.com, Switchboard.com and WhitePages Mobile Apps. So that’s a total of 4 platforms!

Claiming listing: Free

Create your listing here.

8. Better Business Bureau

better business bureau

If your window covering business is based in the US, Canada or Mexico, you can have it listed on Better Business Bureau (BBB).

It’s free to get listed on BBB; however, your business information will only appear on BBB and your website won’t get a link. And you cannot use their badge or logo.

But if you opt for a paid BBB accreditation, you can attract more potential customers and use the BBB logo which is a symbol of credibility that has been recognised by many people.

BBB has been around for more than 100 years which keeps on protecting both businesses and the public consumers from scams, phishing and other suspicious business activities.

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9. Angie’s List

angie's list

Angie’s List is another trusted service listing and review site that covers most of US’ major metropolitan areas.

You can create your free listing on Angie’s, but when you become a member, you’ll even have more opportunities to grow your window covering business.

Angie’s is known for its strict filtering of reviews from your customers, and they don’t allow any anonymous reviews. So, you don’t have to worry receiving reviews from people who have not been your customers.

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Create your listing here.

10. Manta


You can create a free company profile in Manta if you’re from the US. But to get the most out of their services, you have to avail of their premium.

With a premium Manta account, your window covering business will gain exposure from around 20 million customers per month.

They were once featured in Inc. and hailed as “the fastest growing business site…faster than Morningstar, Smart Money, Fox Business, CNBC and Bloomberg.”

Claiming listing: Free

Create your listing here.


Now, these are not only the sites where you can submit your business listing. If you’d be searching online, you’ll find more. And there are tons of them. However, the list of online directories you find may not always be the best for your window covering website.

Some of the online directories you may find could possibly be SCAM directories – directories that only aggregate business details and sell them somewhere. And when that happens, you’ll often receive unsolicited calls and emails. Worse, you might be tricked to avail of these scam directories’ so-called premium services. Hence, you’ll lose money without gaining anything from them.

So to prevent this from happening, I made a list of trusted online citations and directories for your window covering business wherein you’re guaranteed to be found by thousands to millions of local customers. To read the rest of the remaining 10 items, download the full online directory list below. Or if you want to learn more about online directories, you can join my Blinds Marketing HQ community.


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